reUNITED retreat | The Little WV Workshop

I have been playing around with the thought of starting a business in photography for a couple of years now. Up until last year around this time, I never understood what it would take to run a business, but being the go-getter that I am, I knew I would make it work somehow! It wasn't until I got involved in a local group for creatives called Tuesday's Together, founded by The Rising Tide Society, that I truly understood the importance of running a business, and that is connecting with like-minded creatives who not only support you and your endeavors, but empower you to become a better person, both in your business and your personal life. Something that we stress in our little clique is community over competition, which inspires me so much to not only continue to push forward in my business, but to also focus my time on encouraging and inspiring others to pursue their dreams as well.

A couple months ago, a friend in our group told us about the Ashton Kelley Photography retreats, and it just so happened that she was hosting a workshop in Charleston, WV in January. I knew that this was an opportunity that I HAD to invest in. Ashton has a strong desire to mentor so many aspiring boss ladies to become better people and better photographers. It's because of her heart of gold that so many local photographers have grown so much in their businesses. I can truly vouch for the 30 ladies that attended this conference that our lives were changed in two short days. I've never felt so inspired in my life! Winter storm Jonas may have tried to stop us from spending the weekend together, but I can tell you that he did not succeed!! So here are a few of my favorite photos from being stuck together for a weekend at the reUNITED retreat!!