Why you need to hire a ___ | March Madness Part 3

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my Part 3 of my March Madness blog series! I accidentally skipped last week, but I promise it was for a good reason! We closed on our first home, but I will save that blog post for a different day! ;)

This week, I am discussing the importance of hiring a DJ for your wedding! This vendor is vital to keeping the party going at your wedding! The DJ will be the one who plays those specially requested song for each event at your wedding, introduce you into your reception, and the reason your guests stay on the dance floor all night! 

I have the pleasure of featuring a very good friend of mine who leads a team of talented professionals! J.R. Murray owns Digital Illusion Rentals, a professional DJ and rental service. He serves Petersburg, WV and all surrounding areas, but is willing to travel wherever you want to take him! 

I asked J.R. why he was passionate about his services, and he said "I absolutely love music. Being a DJ is an offshoot of that musical passion.  It has grown into me wanting to help people save money on their special day by having the lowest rental prices with the nicest equipment." Brides on a budget? I think you may have found your guy!! :)

When I asked J.R. why his services were so important on a wedding day, he said "Getting a quality DJ is often overlooked until it is too late.  Maybe they cancel or maybe they don’t play the music you enjoy.  We pride ourselves on never cancelling and building the playlist around your tastes while at the same time using our musical knowledge and people watching skills to play to the crowd."

Finally, I asked J.R. what his one piece of advice for brides was, and he replied "If you know the vendor you want, BOOK THEM.  Don’t wait.  If they are any good they book up fast.  Don’t be disappointed because you said, “I can call them next week.”  Book when you know who you want."

Trust me ladies (and gents), you don't want to miss out on having the time of your life at your wedding!! Book your DJ before its too late! 

You can find J.R. on Facebook and online in the hyperlinks! 


Photo by the amazing  Photos by Mellissa Kay !! 

Photo by the amazing Photos by Mellissa Kay!!