Samantha + Brandon | Engaged

I always wonder how I got so lucky to meet the people I have, thanks to this business!! Samantha and Brandon are literally two of the most sincere and genuine people I know! When Samantha told me she wanted to bring her puppy, Gideon, to their engagement shoot, I instantly fell in love them them! 

It might have been a cool, February day, but you could feel the warmth from their smiles! We had the best evening together and I am so excited to be apart of their Fall wedding this year!! Congratulations Samantha and Brandon!!! <3 

Amanda + Cliff | Engaged

I am gearing up for another fun filled wedding weekend and just had to take a moment to share some of my favorite images from Amanda and Cliff's romantic engagement session!! I am pretty sure that I did not give Amanda and Cliff a single directive during this shoot; they are just so naturally in sync with each other!! 

Their wedding day is sure to be filled with beauty all around! I mean come on, Amanda is so naturally beautiful! I told her she should sign a modeling contract, but we both agreed pigging out on food was way better ;)

I am so excited to be a part of Amanda and Cliff's big day this weekend!! So in honor of their wedding day, here are just a few of my favorites (which, by the way, rained on and off, but you could never tell)!!  :)

Tiffany + Taylor | Engaged

Okay, I will admit...I have A LOT of catching up to do with this blogging thing! But, in honor of these two sweethearts getting married this weekend, I just HAD to work backwards so I could highlight their engagement session and wedding!!

I am SOOO excited to kick off my crazy busy wedding season with such a genuine, loving couple that is sweeter than donuts on National Donut Day ;) ;) Their day is sure to be filled with laughs, a lot of love, and a lot of happy tears! 

Tiffany and Taylor, I am so excited and honored to be your wedding photographer! Tomorrow is going to be the best day EVER! 

Michaela + Josh | Engaged

This post has been a long time coming!! Guys, I FINALLY have an efficient system for blogging!!! Photog friends, check out BlogStomp if you haven't already, your life will be changed!!!

Josh and Michaela are two of the absolute sweetest souls I have ever met! We shot their engagement session at Harman's Luxury Log Cabins and even though it was February, the sun was shining bright! Though, I think most of the light came from Michaela's face when she looked at Josh. Their love is so sweet and it sure does radiate through their smiles!! :) I am more than honored to be their wedding photographer and friend!!! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement session!!