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Samantha + Brandon | Engaged

I always wonder how I got so lucky to meet the people I have, thanks to this business!! Samantha and Brandon are literally two of the most sincere and genuine people I know! When Samantha told me she wanted to bring her puppy, Gideon, to their engagement shoot, I instantly fell in love them them! 

It might have been a cool, February day, but you could feel the warmth from their smiles! We had the best evening together and I am so excited to be apart of their Fall wedding this year!! Congratulations Samantha and Brandon!!! <3 

Why you need to hire a ___ | March Madness Series Part 2

Hey Friends!! 

Welcome back to Part 2 of my March Madness weekly blog series! I hope you enjoyed the last blog post, and if you didn't see it, just scroll down a little further from this post ;) Buckle up, this week's post is a long one!!!! I am highlighting a very important vendor that many brides save to hire at the very end of their budget and at the very last minute. I am guilty of being one of those brides. 

It is prime planning season, and I am sure you are running around securing and solidifying every last detail of your big day! It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning that we forget the true reason for the day. Many of our evenings are spent scrolling through and pinning decor and other trendy new ideas to our Pinterest wedding boards. We browse the aisles at Michael's, throwing a ton of craft items into our carts for the ultimate DIY wedding projects! So many details go into this big day, but really, at the end of the day, those details really don't matter. People don't show up to your wedding to see your beautifully crafted centerpieces. People come to your wedding to share in one of the most important days of your life. But, as the day goes on, and we speak to so many different people, the entire day becomes a blur. 

This is where one of the most important wedding vendors in the industry come in. The videographer! Do you remember the look on your moms face when she saw you in your dress for the first time? Or the tears that fell when your groom saw you walking down the aisle? I know I don't....but thankfully, I hired a videographer that captured all of the small moments that I missed. These moments were so important to me, and I kick myself for not hiring my videographer sooner. Like many brides, I was on a strict budget. But, I understood the importance and significance of preserving memories for years to come. When I finally convinced my then-fiancee that these things were more important to me than having the most expensive and elaborate food and decorations, we truly realized that at the end of a wedding day, everything is gone. What you have left to hold onto is your pictures and your wedding film. And I am so beyond thankful that I decided to invest in a wonderful videographer! When we saw our highlight film, we were both in tears, because the entire day came flooding back to us and we truly felt like we were living through the entire day again! Trust me when I say that the whole day will be a complete blur. You NEED to hire a videographer! :)

So, in conclusion, I wanted to highlight two very special people to me! One being our very own wedding videographer, and another who is such a wonderful friend and a member of our local community of creatives! Enjoy some highlights from Anthony from Sparks Productions and Leo  from Gonzalez Videography!!

Also, if you missed my highlight video from our wedding, check it out below!!! 

Anthony Sparks

Anthony Sparks is the owner of Sparks Productions! He is based out of Morgantown, WV but frequently travels through Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. When I asked Anthony about why he is passionate about his services, he said "To hand make videos to tell people's stories. Whether you like it or not, you have a story and because of that story, you are who you are. Every project, especially weddings, are all different. We have to cater the tone and feeling of the film to the people involved. We've made it known that we take our time to include small personal details in our wedding videos (mentioning pets, a new pregnancy, showing close family, friends). We meet with you a handful of times before the wedding. We want to make it as personable as possible. Our films are completely catered and molded for you." 

When I asked why he felt his services were important, he stated "Wedding videography can be one of those things you wait until the last minute to talk about doing, but it should be one of the first things. Everyone assumes all wedding videographers are all similar, but that's wrong. We are not your typical wedding videographers. Your wedding day is long and exhausting. You've talked to 300 people with just a few hours, so there's going to be things that you've missed throughout the day. You missed Uncle Jim doing the whip and nae-nae, well I'm glad the camera was recording while you were across the room. Also, I recently had two different weddings where someone had passed away that were close to the bride and groom just weeks after the wedding. Having those memories of your loved one is so invaluable."

Anthony and I both agree that skipping out on creative services is the most common regret we hear from brides and grooms!

Leo Gonzalez

Next up, my wonderful friend Leo from Gonzalez Videography!! Leo is based in Morgantown, WV but absolutely LOVES to travel, so there's no limit on where you can take him! I asked Leo why he was passionate about being a videographer, and he stated "Anyone who knows me knows that I love people. I could sit down for an hour with anyone, listen to their story, and enjoy it thoroughly. That's because everyone has a unique one to tell. The real game changer for me was when I got the opportunity to learn to use a camera. Now I not only get to hear a couple's story, but creatively help them share it through my lens.

Patrick Moreau, of the filmmaking company StillMotion, captures the process of visual storytelling well; "Allow the story to move you, before you move the story." There is no shortcut to getting to know a couple and sharing their story in a unique and captivating way. I love people. I love videography. I count it a blessing to be able to do what I do for a living!"

I love that, Leo!! 

Leo feels that "With today's technology, anyone can point a camera and record events. And while that can certainly be valuable when it comes to storing memories, I think there ought to be more. A highlight film is a way to not only capture events, but actually retell those precious moments in a way that puts you right back into how you felt that day and not just what you saw. The aim is to create something meaningful that can be enjoyed and shared for years."

Further emphasizing the importance of wedding videography, Leo's piece of advice for brides is this: "In our culture, it can be really easy to give into materialism and try to plan the biggest, fanciest wedding of your dreams. In reality, the real beauty of it is simply the fact that you are getting married to each other. The rest, no matter how elaborate, is just details. As a wedding videographer (and as someone who's gotten married), I'm all for making it a special day that you'll remember. But my advice in the midst of it all is to keep in mind what's really important: the gift of marriage itself."

This series is one of my favorite vendors to highlight!! If you like what you see, give these guys a shout!! And if you would like to see more posts like these, comment below and let me know! :)